Meaning of fool's errand in English:

fool's errand


  • A task or activity that has no hope of success.

    ‘he sent gullible freshmen on fool's errands’
    • ‘I've never been a big person for fool's errands.’
    • ‘Well, you know, no government is beyond fool's errands.’
    • ‘Trying to pin the blame on any other individual is a fool's errand.’
    • ‘We're all on a fool's errand, credit card in hand.’
    • ‘He's quite frankly on a fool's errand at this point.’
    • ‘The CIA concurred - unsurprisingly since the agency had, it is believed, not wanted to waste its time on what it regarded as a fool's errand in the first place.’
    • ‘Besieging communist China and trying to overthrow the government there, however, is a fool's errand and a recipe for world war.’
    • ‘Since that time ‘All Fools' Day’ has spread to many other parts of the world and the dominant practice is still sending people on a fool's errand.’
    • ‘I think it's both dangerous and a fool's errand to try to predict how an appellate court is going to come out simply on the basis of oral argument.’
    • ‘I do not believe they're there on a fool's errand nor do I consider them to be hapless dupes and slaves to a cause not worth fighting.’
    • ‘Common sense tells us that preaching to the street is a fool's errand.’
    • ‘Sifting through literary works for psychological gold might always be a fool's errand.’
    • ‘And as anyone who has ever been in a bad relationship knows, assigning emotional motivations to others is usually a fool's errand.’
    • ‘A Swift boat mission up a Mekong Delta river was a fool's errand, serving no greater purpose than showing the flag.’
    • ‘Busy people don't want to go on fool's errands, which includes fighting the good fight only to lose.’
    • ‘The first fish appears on April Fool's Day, a day of practical jokes on which people are sent on fool's errands.’
    • ‘Defining ‘semantic’ is a fool's errand - it means ‘having to do with meaning,’ so any theoretical discussion on the matter is difficult.’
    • ‘As they turned and began making their way south, Paris asked, ‘Sire, do you think this was a fool's errand, as Palindor said?’’
    • ‘I most certainly am not suggesting we strike offensively against the Western Continent; it would be a fool's errand, we couldn't win.’
    • ‘‘I admit to believing that he was engaging in a fool's errand,’ Cordeiro said.’