Meaning of fool's paradise in English:

fool's paradise


  • A state of happiness based on a person's not knowing about or denying the existence of potential trouble.

    ‘they were living in a fool's paradise, refusing to accept that they were in debt’
    • ‘Now that the fool's paradise of irrational exuberance has come to an end, an abrupt adjustment has been made and many of the schemes have been closed.’
    • ‘That is a fool's paradise, it just doesn't work that way.’
    • ‘This prime minister has us living in a fool's paradise.’
    • ‘And anybody who thinks otherwise is living in a fool's paradise.’
    • ‘For a year or so various economic commentators have been predicting that the fool's paradise which is the US economy can't go on.’
    • ‘It's a fake promise, a fool's paradise, an illusory nirvana.’
    • ‘Are we living in a fool's paradise, blind to the risks that America still faces?’
    • ‘However transitory the contentment is, one loves to live in a fool's paradise.’
    • ‘The world is otherwise too open a place and the people way too smart enough to let you live on in your fool's paradise.’
    • ‘But anyone who thinks it will roll over and welcome back Bacardi is living in a fool's paradise.’
    • ‘Mr Turner will say that we have been living in a fool's paradise when it comes to pensions.’
    • ‘You'll stop telling me about your fool's paradise, he'll have a girl and your dreams will become a reality.’
    • ‘But no; I was deceiving myself, living in a fool's paradise.’
    • ‘And if there's anything to be learned from George Lucas, it's that trusting the public to remember how awesome you are is a fool's paradise.’
    • ‘Shutting them out won't redeem you from them, and you will say that they can only make your life a fool's paradise.’
    • ‘It has created false hope and expectations that have left far too many Maori craving a fool's paradise that can never really be a reality.’
    • ‘Like the health portfolio, the education portfolio is littered with lost opportunity in a fiscal fool's paradise.’
    • ‘Paul is her polar opposite, a boy trying to be a man in a fool's paradise.’
    • ‘And we already conceded that a life lived amidst lies, or in a fool's paradise, is not a flourishing life.’
    • ‘He said if government thinks that they can break the will of the separatists then ‘it is living in fool's paradise.’’
    delusion, misapprehension, misconception, deception, false impression, mistaken impression