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mass nounBritish
  • A size of paper, about 330 × 200 (or 400) mm.

    as modifier ‘several sheets of foolscap paper’
    • ‘She took foolscap paper, turned and folded it to form page spreads, and sewed it to hold the sheets together.’
    • ‘Always he wrote on the back of foolscap paper, the front of which was filled with an early draft of a section of one of his books.’
    • ‘There will be about ten sides of foolscap paper, including perhaps half a dozen game reports.’
    • ‘I would write six sides of this big foolscap with tiny lines.’
    • ‘While he was doing so, one of his friends got a foolscap page, drew the TV3 logo on it and stuck it onto the screen.’
    • ‘A music journalist in front of me rips out a sheet of foolscap paper and spills himself on it.’
    • ‘One day I gave her a chapter on four foolscap sheets.’
    • ‘The menu is a single page of foolscap, but what a page!’
    • ‘Her CV, hand scrawled in a bi-tel across nine pages of A4 foolscap is a terribly poignant autobiography.’
    • ‘Jack was furious when I put that blank piece of foolscap, headed Our Achievements, on the Bute House cabinet table.’
    • ‘One writer swears by always writing longhand in foolscap paper in fluorescent orange colours.’



/ˈfuːlzkap/ /ˈfuːlskap/


Late 17th century said to be named from a former watermark representing a fool's cap.