Meaning of foot-pound-second system in English:

foot-pound-second system


  • A system of measurement with the foot, pound, and second as basic units.

    ‘The absolute foot-pound-second system of units retains the second as the unit of time.’
    • ‘I have memories of changing from the foot-pound-second system to the centimetre-gram-second system back in the sixties, with interesting detours into the area of poundel and slugs.’
    • ‘What's the unit of mass in the foot-pound-second system?’
    • ‘Only in America we are still sticking to miles, feet or yards, pounds, and Fahrenheit to measure the same things (foot-pound-second system).’
    • ‘When I was in high school in the early 60s (in Australia), one of the systems of measurement we were taught was the British foot-pound-second system, in which the foot was the unit of length, the pound the unit of mass and the second the unit of time.’
    • ‘The slug is part of a subset of coherent units known as the gravitational foot-pound-second system, one of several such specialized systems of mechanical units developed in the late 19th and the 20th century.’
    • ‘The distinction between this imperial system and the U.S. customary units (also called standard units there) or older British / English units/systems and newer additions (foot-pound-second systems) is often not drawn precisely.’