Meaning of foot-tapping in English:



  • Having or creating a strong rhythmical musical beat.

    ‘foot-tapping gospel hymns’
    • ‘Of course it brings in foot-tapping Brazilian sounds and rhythms played by 35 instrumentalists from the best Carnival samba-schools of São Paulo.’
    • ‘Together, the duo left the audience spellbound with their foot-tapping and rhythmic compositions.’
    • ‘A foot-tapping Rumba beat sent me spinning on the dance floor in memory of good old times.’
    • ‘Take a bit of playful flute, add some cool sax, twist them around some foot-tapping rhythm, throw in a hot tune, a world-famous muso with itchy fingers… and, baby, you got jazz.’
    • ‘It's a jazzy, foot-tapping beat, played with lots of emotion.’
    • ‘One of the borough's biggest annual charitable events, Music in the Park, is just weeks away and promises an evening of entertainment ranging from prom-style tunes to foot-tapping jazz.’
    • ‘A superb foot-tapping band that dancers could not resist finished off the evening in high spirits.’
    • ‘Visitors will be treated to a traditional demonstration of horse drawn threshing accompanied by foot-tapping country music, which will be performed live in the street by Trevor Dixon, multi-instrumentalist.’
    • ‘Though many of the visitors were too young to understand the significance of Christmas, it nevertheless did not prevent them from enjoying the evening that was filled with foot-tapping music, games, dance and loads of food.’
    • ‘The evening took off with dance sequences by a group of youngsters exhibiting their raw talent to some foot-tapping numbers followed by performances of cine artistes who set the stage ablaze dancing to the latest hits.’
    • ‘Even as most of the society's elite was engrossed in an eventful evening, amidst the din of foot-tapping music and clink of wine glasses, there were few others who were greeting the dawn of another year in a novel fashion.’
    • ‘And, what followed was foot-tapping music and songs, which had the packed crowd asking for more, at the Siddhartha College's open auditorium on Wednesday night.’
    • ‘‘The song had only one word as its lyric, yet the foot-tapping music revealed the composer's hard work and sincerity,’ he said amid loud applause.’
    • ‘Last Sunday night, a combo of fiddle, banjo and guitar provided lovely foot-tapping stuff and when they took a well-deserved break, the bar's sound system kicked in.’
    • ‘After the show, there will be a number of sprightly dances to foot-tapping songs from popular films, followed by games and gifts for everyone, with a lunch to round off the proceedings.’
    • ‘To match the mood, smiling ‘models’ almost danced their way down the ramp with their footsteps matching the loud, foot-tapping music.’
    • ‘They are drawing up a thrilling mix of foot-tapping dance hits, to provide non-stop entertainment from start to finish, and ensure that energy levels remain high.’
    • ‘And guys and girls went with their instincts as they danced to the foot-tapping and pulse-revving numbers from English, Hindi and Telugu.’
    • ‘If I wasn't careful, though, I'd be heading home with the warped notion that Cajun life was only about fine food, foot-tapping music and letting the good times roll.’
    • ‘While these cues are sombre, they do have a foot-tapping ambience, if only slow foot-tapping!’
    melodious, melodic, musical, mellifluous, sweet-sounding, pleasant-sounding, dulcet, euphonious, harmonious, lyrical, lilting