Meaning of foot patrol in English:

foot patrol


  • 1An expedition to keep watch over an area by regularly walking around it, especially as conducted by soldiers or police.

    ‘he was shot during a foot patrol’
    • ‘police on foot patrol discovered a spate of car vandalisms in Kirkwall’
    • ‘During the nights at weekends, there are extra foot patrols in the city centre.’
    • ‘Garda cyclists will have greater mobility than officers on foot patrol.’
    • ‘The agents who spotted the raft were on routine foot patrol.’
    • ‘The rest of the crew (an infantry squad) were on foot patrol at the time.’
    • ‘More police officers will be deployed on foot patrols in the town centre shopping area.’
    • ‘Among them are a regular foot patrol in the city's downtown business area.’
    • ‘Police are considering starting foot patrols on Washington Avenue.’
    • ‘Foot patrols are conducted weekly along the entire perimetre, checking for any water seepage, or holes caused by natural erosion or rodents.’
    • ‘The study was not able to indicate whether these attitudes led to or resulted from the officers' assignment to foot patrol.’
    • ‘The next couple of months involved going over to Liverpool a few times a week to do foot patrols or go out in a police car.’
    1. 1.1A group of people, especially soldiers or police, sent to keep watch over an area by regularly walking around it.
      ‘the vehicle had been called to help a foot patrol caught in a series of ambushes’
      • ‘It is imperative to have a foot patrol, which is a very efficient way of controlling inconspicuous poaching activities.’
      • ‘We have met councillors and recently deployed additional foot patrols in and around the village to reassure people.’
      • ‘He was shot in the leg when his foot patrol was ambushed.’
      • ‘The official charged with eradicating these highwaymen complained that foot patrols were unable to pursue the mounted outlaws.’
      • ‘Several rewrites in the past decade have omitted valuable scout know-how, such as tracking enemy foot patrols.’
      • ‘The body was discovered after a large-scale search involving 40 police, including underwater teams, mounted officers, and foot patrols.’
      • ‘An increase in police foot patrols has been requested.’
      • ‘Instead of foot patrols, saffron-clad monks circumambulate the temples in the predawn light, armed only with prayer beads.’
      • ‘The bomb, made from large artillery shells, went off near a foot patrol.’
      • ‘A helicopter clattered overhead while ill-equipped foot patrols trudged through the vast forest on a fruitless hunt for the intruders.’