Meaning of foot rot in English:

foot rot


mass noun
  • 1A bacterial disease of the feet in hoofed animals, especially sheep.

    The bacteria belong to the Gram-negative genera Bacteroides and Fusobacterium

    ‘There were no differences between treatments for overall morbidity, respiratory, foot rot, bloat, or for the percentage of steers that were retreated.’
    • ‘Mr. Fallon said the key benefits will be improved animal welfare, a reduction in stress on flocks at assembly time, a reduction in the pain on sheep associated with foot rot and reduced losses associated with worm problems in sheep flocks.’
    • ‘Recent research points out that some sheep seem to be more resistant to foot rot than others.’
    • ‘Treatment for foot rot consists of trimming away the rotted parts of the hoof.’
    • ‘Although the incidence of foot rot may not be high at any one time, it requires constant observation to prevent serious economic loss.’
    1. 1.1Any of a number of fungal diseases of plants in which the base of the stem rots.