Meaning of foot valve in English:

foot valve


  • A one-way valve at the inlet of a pipe or the base of a suction pump.

    ‘Like all check valves the foot valve is seldom reliable, causing the suction piping to drain its fluid.’
    • ‘Tubing and foot valves are best used when dedicated to individual boreholes to avoid cross-contamination.’
    • ‘They can be used either as a foot valve or as a bulkhead fitting when equipped with adaptor nut and gasket.’
    • ‘The foot operated faucet has three features not found in foot valves on the market today.’
    • ‘Since you didn't mention having the do that, the foot valve probably isn't the problem.’
    • ‘The pumps require foot valves, or one-way valves, in order to retain their charge of water.’
    • ‘To get the intake of the suction line in deeper water I was wondering if the foot valve will work at an angle?’
    • ‘Down-hole cylinders are usually larger diameter than the rising main and they contain the foot valve and the piston.’
    • ‘Tapered threads enable the foot valves to self-tap onto either end of the tubing.’
    • ‘Simply lifting one's foot off of the foot valve will shut down the flow of water.’
    • ‘Once the suction line is filled the foot valve takes over opens while the centrifugal pump is running and closes when the pump stops running to maintain a flooded suction and primed pump.’
    • ‘The extractor valve provides a means to remove foot valves easily from underground storage tanks for cleaning or servicing.’
    • ‘When the filter just becomes snug, continue tightening until the filter is parallel to the body of the foot valve as shown below.’
    • ‘A tapered stainless steel strainer screen and bottom cap offers the ultimate in non-corrosive foot valves.’
    • ‘The foot valves are designed to keep air from getting trapped in the boot.’