Meaning of footage in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfʊtɪdʒ/

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mass noun
  • 1Part of a cinema or television film recording a particular event.

    ‘film footage of the riot’
    • ‘Detectives have been studying CCTV footage which shows two boys in the area about the time of the attacks.’
    • ‘The displays are paired with archival video footage showing how many of the devices were used in research studies.’
    • ‘Raw video footage was edited and narration was provided from carefully prepared scripts.’
    • ‘Officers are studying CCTV footage in the hope of identifying the culprits.’
    • ‘Most of this feature includes behind-the-scenes video footage of the crew working and goofing off.’
    • ‘He closes his eyes and sees black-and-white newsreel footage of street fighting in Paris in May 1968.’
    • ‘Police are studying closed circuit TV footage to trace everyone who used the road between 2.15 and 2.30 am.’
    • ‘Guests can relive memorable Stax moments through multimedia interactive exhibits and view live concert footage of their favorite Stax artists.’
    • ‘Some behind-the-scenes footage is included, though it's rather quick and bland.’
    • ‘Using vintage documentary footage, Taymor created a moving collage that has a flavour of Russian constructivist poster art.’
    • ‘Glued to our television screens we saw the same raw news footage played, then replayed.’
    • ‘Ms. Bravo uses exclusive archival footage and a remarkable mix of interviews with Fidel.’
    • ‘On Friday police had released closed-circuit television footage of two suspects at Cologne railway station.’
    • ‘Having subsequently watched television footage of the incident, Williamson apologised to the referee for criticising his decision.’
    • ‘And we watch graphic TV footage of people left to grieve.’
    • ‘His Royal Highness will see original film footage, personal accounts and awe-inspiring photography.’
    • ‘He then attempts to clear his name after footage of the incident is broadcast worldwide.’
    • ‘We have made copies of the footage available to media outlets.’
    • ‘Why not make the footage available on the Internet?’
    • ‘Just seeing the Hurley footage on a big screen is enough to make your jaw drop.’
  • 2Size or length measured in feet.

    ‘the square footage of the room’
    • ‘Do academics as a rule occupy a greater square footage than, say, solicitors or accountants?’
    • ‘Can an estate agent include an unconverted garage or attic in the total square footage?’
    • ‘It now has 10 bedrooms and a square footage that is four times the size of the average family home.’
    • ‘If you get a quote that is priced by cubic footage, that should raise a red flag right away.’
    value, amount, quantity, area, length, height, depth, weight, width, range, acreage, footage, mileage, tonnage