Meaning of football hooligan in English:

football hooligan

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  • A violent troublemaker whose behaviour is associated with or motivated by their support of a soccer team.

    ‘two gangs of football hooligans clashed in the city centre’
    • ‘I was trapped on a train to Bristol with a bunch of football hooligans on the way to the cup final.’
    • ‘The country has been disgraced by its football hooligans creating havoc.’
    • ‘It is debatable whether the behaviour of some badly educated and mindless football hooligans should be considered representative of any society.’
    • ‘With a former hooligan refusing to return to fighting, and a few characters frowning upon their conduct, the violent behaviour of the football hooligans is never condoned or glamorised.’
    • ‘With both of my books, one of the key themes was to get across that Liam isn't a complete idiot football hooligan.’
    • ‘The paper also outlines plans to introduce new banning orders for football hooligans in a bid to curb sectarianism and violence.’
    • ‘Previously, warring football hooligans would do battle before and after matches.’
    • ‘Other Member States have requested this country to help in preventing our football hooligans from creating disorder at matches in their countries.’
    • ‘As many as 20 known football hooligans will be banned from travelling to Portugal this summer for Euro 2004.’
    • ‘The intuitive type sees the whole story: they are football hooligans who support opposing teams.’