Meaning of footslogger in English:



See footslog

‘The walk into Acomb for an early morning appointment at the Gale Farm Surgery is almost always a bit of an adventure for an ageing footslogger.’
  • ‘It will either stomp or be stomped, but most races can field enough footsloggers to weather the storm.’
  • ‘But nobody, not even the most dedicated footslogger on the SoHo treadmill, could have known everything in these three shows firsthand.’
  • ‘Yet Alfred, given his intelligence, was not the sort of man to remain a footslogger for long - he was highly intelligent and, having gone to Battersea Polytechnic, used to working with complicated equipment.’
  • ‘I find his poety stark, cold and fairly confronting in it's simplicity and I think this echoes the suffering of the ordinary footslogger.’