Meaning of foozle in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfuːz(ə)l/


  • A clumsy or botched attempt at something, especially a shot in golf.

    • ‘Overlooking the beach on Marco Island, the Marriott resort offers plenty of places - like Quinn's on the Beach - to forget all of one's dubs and foozles.’


[with object] informal
  • Botch; bungle.

    • ‘sliced approach shots and foozled putts’
    • ‘Scrunched into bushes, he scraped a shot sideways, after which he foozled one high-right into the thousands of people who came to see him play one last Masters.’
    • ‘That is to say, we are not acquainted with the duffer who foozled fifteen strokes.’
    • ‘He finished T2 in 2000, the year he foozled the short putt, but also tied for 15th in 1997, 13 th in 2003, 14th in 2004 and 4th last year.’
    • ‘I wanted him to be a pelotero but he foozled playing tennis.’
    • ‘Spencer was equal to most things, but even he could not go on whining about how he had foozled his putting and been snubbed at the bridge-table, or whatever it was that he was pitying himself about just then, when a man was telling him the story of a wrecked life.’
    • ‘Down on the beach, accessible behind the 10th green, and especially in the small, wooded ravine in front of the 15th tee, there were stray balls foozled by hapless amateurs, who were presumably too mortified to halt play and look for them.’
    • ‘And I liked that convention in Los Angeles, when we had the Benny Goodman reunion band play, and Louise forgot the words to ‘And the Angels Sing’ and Somebody on the Trumpet Section foozled Elman's solo so badly that a few members in the audience were seen slowly slipping to the floor.’
    make a mess of, bungle, botch, fluff, fumble, butcher, mess up


Mid 19th century from German dialect fuseln ‘work badly’; compare with fusel oil.