Meaning of for all someone knows in English:

for all someone knows


  • Used to express the limited scope or extent of one's information.

    ‘she could be dead for all I know’
    • ‘But for all Dirk knows, you could be out gallivanting.’
    • ‘In the refrigerator all she finds are some dried apples and celery and assorted condiments that could have been there since her last visit for all Sandra knows.’
    • ‘No-one asked her any questions, no-one searched her. She could have been a heroin mule or a gun smuggler for all anyone knew.’
    • ‘I have been allowed to appeal at the last minute, but not on a clearly defined basis - for all I know, they might just decide my appeal can't even be considered.’
    • ‘There are, apparently, other branches in Miami and London and, for all I know, there may soon be one in Glasgow.’