Meaning of for aye in English:

for aye


archaic Scottish
  • Forever.

    ‘I shall treasure the memory for aye’
    • ‘If we can do that, the banner of one nation can be unfurled by the warm breath of our various gods, sent to caress our souls - and to God be the glory for aye and for aye.’
    • ‘The corresponding English proverb states: ‘He that would live for aye, Must eat sage in May.’’
    • ‘He who has once been happy is for aye out of destruction's reach.’
    forever, permanently, for always, for good and all, perpetually, eternally, evermore, for evermore, for ever and ever, for all time, for all future time, to the end of time, until the end of time, world without end, endlessly, timelessly, for eternity, in perpetuity, everlastingly, enduringly, never to return