Meaning of for certain in English:

for certain

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  • Without any doubt.

    ‘I don't know for certain’
    • ‘One cannot say for certain whether it would reach the proportion which it had in the past decade.’
    • ‘We do not know for certain whether heading the ball in soccer may result in chronic cognitive impairment.’
    • ‘It's impossible to say for certain whether this girl survived because of her treatment or in spite of it.’
    • ‘I can't find any trace of this, so can't for certain say whether it is or isn't true.’
    • ‘No one can say for certain whether or not there are further rate rises on the way.’
    • ‘It is too early to say for certain whether we are on the verge of a major breakthrough.’
    • ‘If anything is known for certain, it is only that the deal was virtually inevitable.’
    • ‘One thing is for certain - if this lady blows her top, many will not be happy about it.’
    • ‘We will not know for certain till 2001 when figures on cattle with BSE are collected.’
    • ‘In bright sunlight, with cameras all around the ground, no one could say for certain what had happened.’
    certainly, for certain, for sure, to be sure, definitely, undoubtedly, without doubt, doubtless, beyond any shadow of a doubt, beyond the shadow of a doubt, indubitably, unquestionably, incontestably, irrefutably, incontrovertibly, undeniably, without fail, inevitably, unavoidably