Meaning of for evermore in English:

for evermore


(also forever more)
  • Forever (used for rhetorical effect)

    ‘time has been and shall be for evermore’
    • ‘When his song finished with a sweet stanza of ‘We will play the banjo gaily, And will sing the song of Yore, And the yellow rose of Texas shall be mine forevermore,’ he began humming the tune to himself again.’
    • ‘They might also consider introducing affordable housing covenants to allow property owners to build a second house on their property if they agree to its resale value being restricted forevermore.’
    • ‘My greatest pleasure of the weekend came from simply pottering about in the delightful and picturesque Jordaan district, which I'd love to call home forevermore.’
    • ‘This kills off the sale price, so either it doesn't sell, and the owner resents the house forevermore, or it gets sold cheaply and treated as something cheap.’
    • ‘I hope you'll last forever more because you're my mum, love Mark.’
    • ‘‘It's absolutely unique forever more, really, because a lot of the sites where he collected are no longer accessible to the public, such as mining sites,’ said Mrs Davies.’
    • ‘We will not allow our community to be destroyed by ill-conceived and undemocratic decisions that will affect our lives forever more.’
    • ‘So keep it up, quench my desire, and I'll be at your side forever more,’
    • ‘May God's peace prevail in the wonderful world so that our children's children may forever more inherit the world, in all its beauty and abundance, that they deserve.’
    • ‘He will be able to compete again from December, but his athletics career will be blighted forever more and he knows already that he will never be able to compete at an Olympic Games.’
    • ‘The image of her tiny white hands will haunt me forever more.’
    • ‘This time I have captured the gargantuan Turkish meat butty for posterity, here and in the photo's section forever more.’
    • ‘Yes, truly this will be a day that we all remember forever more.’
    • ‘Our exchange rate would be stable against the other eleven members forever more.’
    • ‘You shall remember forever more what you started with me demon!’
    • ‘I mean, unless you get one, Noah will forevermore keep stalking you.’
    • ‘Find a way to make it certain that she'll be yours forevermore.’
    • ‘And as I later said, I thought everything was painted olive green forevermore, and I thought the world would always be at war because people were going to war or coming home from war.’
    • ‘In real terms, however, Manet was a true revolutionary artist, producing paintings that not only altered the world of art forevermore, but influenced the greatest art movement since the Renaissance.’
    • ‘In every aspect of life, services and goods will remain available to both public and private customers, as it was in the beginning and is now forevermore in bastions of democracy such as hospitals.’
    forever, permanently, for always, for good and all, perpetually, eternally, evermore, for evermore, for ever and ever, for all time, for all future time, to the end of time, until the end of time, world without end, endlessly, timelessly, for eternity, in perpetuity, everlastingly, enduringly, never to return