Meaning of for future reference in English:

for future reference

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  • For use at a later date.

    ‘she lodged this idea in the back of her mind for future reference’
    • ‘You have to look at each book carefully - not casually - internalise the contents, then stow it away in your mind for future reference.’
    • ‘As an observer, I study each animal and enclosure design, take note and photos for future reference, then relax and watch my quarry.’
    • ‘This lengthy description of London's Senate House, designed by Charles Holden, is a perfect example, a good read to bookmark for future reference.’
    • ‘This will serve as a DNA library for storing precious fragments for future reference, duplication, and genome reassembly.’
    • ‘Heath habitually brings a camera with him when responding to an emergency, to document the scene for future reference.’
    • ‘They memorize and even document these for future reference.’
    • ‘Every month clip articles from magazines if you really want to keep them for future reference and immediately place in the correct folder.’
    • ‘Both articles are long, too long for a casual visit - so either bookmark them, or bookmark this post for future reference.’
    • ‘But in any case, thank you for your advice, I really appreciate it and I will keep it for future reference.’
    • ‘The report was initially an internal report produced in order to inform the council on lessons learnt at each stage of the project for future reference.’