Meaning of for hire in English:

for hire


  • Available to be hired.

    ‘the hotel has bikes for hire’
    • ‘The hall is available for hire for various activities.’
    • ‘The hall is available for hire at a very reasonable price.’
    • ‘The MCR Hall is available for hire over the coming summer months.’
    • ‘Private Taxis are also available for hire between Jammu and Katra.’
    • ‘The CCI also cited examples in the US where off-duty police are available for hire by businesses.’
    • ‘Laptops, other office equipment and a meeting room are all available for hire and the meeting room is free for the first two hours.’
    • ‘Start by letting all your neighbors and parents' friends know you're available for hire.’
    • ‘The fact is that these old symbols are available for hire.’
    • ‘Buzz is available for hire at children's parties, hen nights and even stag nights, although his exact role in the latter is unclear.’
    • ‘Jewellery, including pearls and tiaras, is available for hire or purchase.’
    • ‘The castle is being turned over to the corporate entertainment business and is available for hire - at a price of course.’
    • ‘The sports hall and conference room are available to the public for hire.’
    • ‘If you do not have a stroller, they are available for hire at the entrance to the parks.’
    • ‘The carriages are also available for hire for events such as weddings.’
    • ‘The kitchen and grill area are available for hire by tenants.’
    • ‘It's hard to remember a time when so many worthy coaching candidates have been available for hire.’
    • ‘The community centre is also available for hire for private functions such as birthday parties and barbecues.’
    • ‘Mr Rekshop would like it known that he is available for hire as a deejay.’
    • ‘An echo sounder is pretty well essential to find water of the correct depth, and Anders has a good stock of them available for hire.’
    • ‘Several of the old houses have been restored and are now available for hire.’