Meaning of for instance in English:

for instance

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  • As an example.

    ‘take Canada, for instance’
    • ‘Beware of people who say they can find you a specific marble mantelpiece, for instance.’
    • ‘There may, for instance, be specific evidence pointing to a clear boundary to the market.’
    • ‘For instance, he suggested cities share some of their infrastructure with rural neighbors.’
    • ‘For instance, I Wish I Was the Moon is quite possibly the best ballad in years.’
    • ‘For instance, suppose you wish to throw your opponent with, say, the ankle throw to the right.’
    • ‘For instance, they suggest that a third of seats in the government should be reserved for women.’
    • ‘For instance, pressure on the abdomen can cause or relieve corresponding back pains.’
    • ‘For instance, people demand food because of the nourishment it offers them.’
    • ‘For instance, the EU suggests keeping cheeses at temperatures that will not endanger human health.’
    • ‘For instance when a couple quarrel they often forget the matter in hand.’