Meaning of for once in English:

for once

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(also this once)
  • On this occasion only, as an exception.

    ‘I hope you'll forgive me this once’
    • ‘The day stayed dry and the sun shone occasionally, and for once there were only a few spots of rain.’
    • ‘They're calling it the deal of all deals, and for once you can forgive the hyperbole.’
    • ‘But just this once, just for a few moments today I felt socially useful.’
    • ‘It should not form a precedent, but rather should be done as an emergency measure just this once.’
    • ‘Well, all right, write about it this once and I won't kick up the fuss.’
    • ‘Not being a fan of fancy dress, I decided to let myself go just this once to fully appreciate the Rocky Horror experience.’
    • ‘In the circumstances I am prepared to overlook the swearing - just this once.’
    • ‘Just this once, ‘fun for all the family’ need not fill an adult audience with dread.’
    • ‘The painter did not think it would be fun, just this once, to install a window.’
    • ‘She was going to overcome her shy nature this once just for him, because he was worth it.’