Meaning of for pity's sake in English:

for pity's sake


  • Used to express impatience or make an urgent appeal.

    • ‘for pity's sake, get a move on!’
    • ‘Look, will you just shut up about the band, for pity's sake?’
    • ‘I'm 36, for pity's sake, and I'm not a defenseless kid now.’
    • ‘I mean, for pity's sake, just read one, can't you?’
    • ‘I'm British, I'm in London and I'm on the tube, for pity's sake.’
    • ‘I had to sit through an hour of it, for pity's sake.’
    • ‘It's slightly sad - this is a World Heritage Site, for pity's sake.’
    • ‘Make a battery out of them and harness electricity for pity's sake!’
    • ‘And for pity's sake, do not tell me this state of affairs is unprecedented in history.’
    • ‘No, I do not want my books arranged in descending order of height, for pity's sake!’
    • ‘‘No,’ he seemed exasperated, ‘just let me in for pity's sake.’’