Meaning of for real in English:

for real


  • 1 informal Used to assert that something is genuine or is actually the case.

    • ‘I'm not playing games—this is for real!’
    • ‘It didn't work until I saw it for real, then hearing it worked.’
    • ‘Do you want this guy for real, or are you just looking for great taste, less filling?’
    • ‘Well, I have understood it partly, but one thing I knew for sure, this guy is for real and he is world class.’
    • ‘It's not happening for real so it simply becomes a question of whether or not you believe it has narrative utility.’
    • ‘People have got used to hearing sterile music, but we do it for real.’
    • ‘You get so used to seeing them on the news, I suppose, that seeing them for real doesn't come as a surprise.’
    • ‘Someone wondered if all the questions on the page were for real, or if I made any up.’
    • ‘By the time the concert began for real I was already sick of hearing the overture's opening bars.’
    • ‘It almost sends a frisson of fear down one's spine as if it were all for real.’
    • ‘If this is the real world, away from all the carnage and desolation, than this cannot be for real.’
    1. 1.1North American Used in questions to express surprise or to question the truth or seriousness of what one has seen or heard.
      ‘are these guys for real?’
      • ‘By the time you hear the raver's whistle, you have to ask yourself if the Brothers are for real.’
      • ‘They mostly try to pull it off with a straight face, and play everything for real.’
      • ‘I closed the door behind him, not completely sure if he was joking or if he was for real.’
      • ‘Will could only muster up a blank stare at this point, wondering if she was for real.’
      • ‘Is This Guy For Real? This Republican candidate has a slim chance of making it to the White House.’
      • ‘Is that little guy for real? Does he say where he gets his energy from, or is it part of a act?’