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for sale

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(also up for sale)
  • Offered for purchase; to be bought.

    ‘cars for sale at reasonable prices’
    • ‘The sofas are being offered for sale in supermarket car parks and on motorway service stations.’
    • ‘Homemade gifts will also be for sale and offer a great way to begin holiday shopping.’
    • ‘A popular move included forcing local authorities to offer council houses for sale.’
    • ‘Christie's said it could be the most important item of football history to be offered for sale.’
    • ‘He wants to recover artefacts from the ship, which will be donated to museums or offered for sale.’
    • ‘Mr Bazeley's cards and prints are still being offered for sale in aid of the hospital.’
    • ‘What are the pros and cons of offering a property both for sale and rent at the same time?’
    • ‘As his ship approached land it was met by a fishing-boat offering fresh prawns for sale.’
    • ‘With no shortage of cars for sale, the only difficulty you will have is deciding how much you want to spend.’
    • ‘There are hundreds of thousands of items for sale from clocks to cars and paintings to pottery.’
    on the market, on sale, on offer, available for purchase, able to be bought, able to be purchased, purchasable, obtainable, in the shops
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