Meaning of for shizzle in English:

for shizzle


(also fo' shizzle)
informal US
  • For sure; definitely.

    • ‘gonna be a great game for shizzle!’
    • ‘Listen up, this is true, fo' shizzle.’
    • ‘So let's get this straight: Pittsburghers will have a chance to party with the team? For shizzle.’
    • ‘Snoop Dogg puts on a show, that's for shizzle.’
    • ‘I cover media, gossip, fashion, politics, tv, fashion, classical civilizations - a little bit of everything, fo' shizzle.’
    • ‘Even your mom says "Fo' Shizzle" nowadays.’
    • ‘I am a domestic goddess fo' shizzle.’
    • ‘You know how every single person on the planet says "fo' shizzle" these days?’