Meaning of for short in English:

for short


  • As an abbreviation or nickname.

    ‘the File Transfer Protocol, or FTP for short’
    • ‘Our best idea yet, is to call it Tropical Intelligence Team, or T.I.T. for short.’
    • ‘The recommended way of doing this in general is with Cascading Style Sheets - css for short.’
    • ‘We could call the journey the Yorkston Acoustic Movement or YAM for short.’
    • ‘Yes I am a pedantic conspiracy theorist, or jaded old cynic for short.’
    • ‘It makes even more sense because the airport at Los Angeles, as we all know, is called LAX for short and is also a hole.’
    • ‘Weblogs, or blogs for short, are a cross between a diary, a web site, and an online community.’
    • ‘With neat transatlantic symmetry, it is known as the Press Association, PA for short.’
    • ‘We won't ask you to try and pronounce her name as she is called Gosha for short.’
    • ‘Today was meant to be the day of the Big Omiya Barbeque, or BOB for short, but BOB had to be changed.’
    • ‘I think I'll just call it something like Broomhilda's broom or broomy for short.’