Meaning of for some reason in English:

for some reason


  • Used to convey that one does not know the reason for a particular situation, often with the implication that one finds it strange or surprising.

    ‘for some reason he likes you’
    • ‘I was not recognized for some reason or the other so that there was no way of stopping the bill.’
    • ‘She had two attempts on the left side, which for some reason never gets the same effect.’
    • ‘It's a much easier joke to hear from a female friend than a male friend, for some reason.’
    • ‘He didn't trust banks for some reason and kept all his money and gold in a stupid safe in the attic.’
    • ‘Ok, so, none of my damn business, but I have always been curious about this for some reason.’
    • ‘Have the world's press somehow colluded to gang up against him, for some reason?’
    • ‘He fumbled for the bedside clock to see what time it was: but for some reason couldn't find it.’
    • ‘The first of these has, for some reason, gained ready acceptance among his followers.’
    • ‘I was looked on favourably by both for some reason and I knew people on both sides.’
    • ‘As the tide was rising, for some reason, a strong current was pulling us into the darkness.’