Meaning of for starters in English:

for starters

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  • First of all; to start with.

    • ‘‘Anything else?’ ‘That'll do for starters.’’
    • ‘Well, for starters, some red wine always helps to mellow the evening.’
    • ‘Well, for starters we must remember that he was only 32 when he was shot.’
    • ‘Put it this way, the junkie people in London couldn't afford it, for starters: the drinks are extremely expensive.’
    • ‘Well, for starters he is a columnist for the left-wing American Prospect magazine.’
    • ‘So burgers, wool, zoos and safe medicine are out, for starters.’
    • ‘It shows how narrow economic modelling is, for starters, let alone whether or not it's been done accurately.’
    • ‘But, for starters, the metal and glass front has to go and the ancient walls properly replaced.’
    • ‘Well, for starters, it's going to be hard to bring home all your stuff from Wal-Mart now.’
    • ‘There's a few others I can't remember the names of, but that'll do for starters.’
    • ‘He praised Secretary Rice for starters, saying he thought her trip had gone quite well.’