Meaning of for that matter in English:

for that matter

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  • Used to indicate that a subject, though mentioned second, is as relevant as the first.

    ‘I am not sure what value it adds to determining public, or for that matter private, policy’
    • ‘What does it mean to have a professional life or a private life for that matter?’
    • ‘In my day we never dreamed of billing and cooing in public, or in private for that matter.’
    • ‘What effect did it have on the scholars around the world, and for that matter, the public?’
    • ‘There is no room for second best in this industry or in any industry for that matter.’
    • ‘Much more enjoyable, dare I say, and for that matter considerably more informative.’
    • ‘No, it is not like I was a model to be emulated in school, or college for that matter.’
    • ‘I would never want to be around someone like her, or her loser brother for that matter.’
    • ‘Odd, as today wasn't all that cold, and nor was yesterday, for that matter, but there you go.’
    • ‘Can we imagine that he would still be teaching, or for that matter that he would be anything more than a pariah?’
    • ‘One has to add considerable extra time to one's journey just to get out of town or into it, for that matter.’