Meaning of for the duration in English:

for the duration

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  • 1Until the end of something, especially a war.

    ‘He trained for and entered the Royal Navy for the duration of the First World War.’
    • ‘They receive only travelling expenses plus board and lodging for the duration of the session.’
    • ‘Highways chiefs expect to keep both lanes open for the duration of the project which is scheduled to last until December this year.’
    • ‘This process was repeated for the remaining data until a value of zero remained for the duration of the experimental period.’
    • ‘Neither side could find a way through for the duration of the game in front of 63,000 spectators.’
    • ‘The 10 trains an hour scheduled to pass through Swindon had to be re-routed for the duration of the alert.’
    • ‘However, the footpath through Scotchell would be closed for the duration of the work.’
    • ‘Wherever the sensation has struck, it has remained for the duration of my stay, and returned on repeat visits.’
    • ‘As part of this tribute the committee are looking for memorabilia which can be put on show for the duration of the exhibition.’
    • ‘Many students find themselves sleeping on old camp bed-style mattress for the duration of their stay.’
    1. 1.1 informal For a very long time.
      • ‘once she sits down on that settee, she'll be there for the duration’
      • ‘Having been one of the last in I managed to be one of the first out, but as I looked behind me it appeared as if many of the mobsters were there for the duration.’
      • ‘Then she's held down protectively by her friend for the duration.’
      • ‘One of the aforementioned New York Friends offered to put me up in his new house for the duration.’
      • ‘The best thing about spending the next few weeks behind bars is that if you're banged up you actually lose the right to vote for the duration.’
      • ‘The Marquess of Queensbury rules are put on hold for the duration.’
      • ‘There are many of us in total and we are here for the duration.’
      all through, through, for the duration of, for the whole of, until the end of, the whole time, all the time