Meaning of for the moment in English:

for the moment

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  • For now.

    ‘I decided that, for the moment, I'd keep quiet’
    • ‘I will dismiss the silliness of the notion for the moment, and run with the premise.’
    • ‘Whatever the truth of that it seems likely that, for the moment, the spending settlement will stick.’
    • ‘In town there is, for the moment, nothing for me or any honest man to do.’
    • ‘However, in general it's so far OK as drama goes, and I'll stick with it for the moment.’
    • ‘For the moment, he's happy to be at home with his parents in London and his dog Molly.’
    • ‘There was, if such a thing is possible, a kind of awkward grace that he exhibited that was perfect for the moment.’
    • ‘I've done all the concentrated philosophical reading I need to do for the moment.’
    • ‘I hope he will be able to work with me again in the future but I think he is to busy with his music for the moment.’
    • ‘It is my opinion that, for the moment, they will not be enticed into the institution.’
    • ‘I have not done it up properly yet and there are many words missing, but it will do for the moment.’
    for now, for the moment, for the present, in the interim, for the nonce, for the meantime, in the meantime, in the meanwhile