Meaning of foraminiferal in English:


Pronunciation /ˌfɒrəmɪˈnɪf(ə)rəl/



See foraminifer

‘The Gracisce packstones contain a rich foraminiferal assemblage, composed of larger and planktonic foraminifera along with authigenic glauconite.’
  • ‘Furthermore, foraminiferal growth is often strongly allometric, and in many foraminifers the shape of the chamber changes during ontogeny.’
  • ‘The basal stromatolite beds at both of the present localities contain large numbers of the foraminiferal disaster taxa Rectocornuspira kalhori and Earlandia sp. to the near exclusion of other forms.’
  • ‘Depending on the group, a foraminiferal shell may be made of organic compounds, sand grains and other particles cemented together, or secreted crystalline calcium carbonates.’
  • ‘Simulated foraminiferal shells based on the moving-reference model indicate that their variety is much wider than for morphotypes developed by fixed-reference models.’