Meaning of foraminiferous in English:


Pronunciation /ˌfɒrəmɪˈnɪf(ə)rəs/



See foraminifer

‘Sediments along the crest and the northern slope consist of foraminiferous ooze with vertical extents of up to 800m.’
  • ‘These islands, formed of old-reef and foraminiferous limestone, have experienced considerable uplift relative to sea level.’
  • ‘While a wide variety of tactile surfaces may be used for this purpose, a preferred surface 40 is foraminiferous.’
  • ‘The marl and limestone of the Douara Basin are dense and commonly foraminiferous.’
  • ‘‘Undoubtedly,’ says our author, ‘if we could see it acting in its entirety, the ant-colony would resemble a gigantic foraminiferous Rhizopod, in which the nest would represent the shell, the queen the nucleus, the mass of ants the plasmodium and the files of workers, which are continually going in and out of the nest, the pseudopodia.’’