Meaning of foraminous in English:


Pronunciation /fəˈramɪnəs/


  • Full of holes; porous.

    ‘The top of the vessel is foraminous to permit passage of the air stream.’
    • ‘They are ductile and do not exhibit a foraminous structure like sponge iron.’
    • ‘There may be placed within or underneath the apron a foraminous pipe, through which superheated steam or hot air at a temperature of 400° Fahrenheit is discharged against the fish.’
    • ‘The fibrous mass was soaked overnight and subsequently filtered on the foraminous plate of a Buchner funnel.’
    • ‘The fibers sucked by vacuum onto the outer surface of the foraminous cathode.’
    permeable, penetrable, pervious


Early 17th century from Latin foramin- (see foramen) + -ous.