Meaning of forayer in English:



See foray

‘It seems a shame, nevertheless, that forayers are not being given the opportunity to record latitude and longitude information which is so readily available from Ordnance Survey maps.’
  • ‘Since most forayers had never seen this species before, I'm sure it will bring back fond memories for the 180 or so people who attended.’
  • ‘In addition to rubbing shoulders with a live famous mycologist, forayers generally expect a lecture about some absorbing topic.’
  • ‘On a foray in McCall many years ago, I was wandering the woods and another forayer, a woman with three children, casually walked up and said, ‘What are those you are picking?’’
  • ‘Whilst at secondary school, I was introduced to the local Natural History Society and soon became a keen birder and, later, fungus forayer.’