Meaning of forbidden fruit in English:

forbidden fruit

Pronunciation /fəˌbɪd(ə)n ˈfruːt/

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  • A thing that is desired all the more because it is not allowed.

    ‘Nostalgia is not a forbidden fruit but astute statesmen never allow prudence to succumb to it.’
    • ‘Bars and clubs are luring innocent young victims into their establishments to taste the forbidden fruit of alcohol.’
    • ‘But as the long nights wore on, and my milk supply began to dwindle as Alice's appetite increased, a friend suggested we introduce the forbidden fruit that is formula milk into her diet.’
    • ‘These combine numerology and astrology - knowledge, as he put it, that had remained ‘a forbidden fruit since the dawn of civilisation’.’
    • ‘Lately, my fascination with the notion of forbidden fruit does not concern rebellious acts, but rather romantic prospects.’


    With biblical allusion to Gen. 2:17.