Meaning of force-feed in English:


Pronunciation /ˌfɔːsˈfiːd/

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[with object]
  • 1Force (a person or animal) to eat food.

    ‘He would keep the upper one open sometimes; talking to me, watching me, force-feeding me bits of food.’
    • ‘The mother made me literally force-feed him, shoving puréed food into his mouth as he cried piteously in feeble protest.’
    • ‘But the cold-blooded insects were force-feeding him with the jail's evening meal - yuck!’
    • ‘Eventually he learned to eat again, but until that happened I got to experience the wonder and joy of force-feeding a freaked-out cat.’
    • ‘Shortly after Dr Ho came Dr John Olney at Washington University, who in 1969 injected and force-fed newborn mice with huge doses of up to four grams/kg bodyweight of MSG.’
    • ‘Maybe I should start force-feeding her so she'll get fat and slow and perhaps nicer?’
    • ‘In a protest against the British activities throughout Ireland, Ashe went on a hunger strike in Mountjoy Prison where the authorities attempted to force-feed him.’
    • ‘Toddlers from the age of 18 months have a real surge of independence, and food can become a battleground, so resist the urge to force-feed your child.’
    • ‘He force-fed the baby, struck her on the legs, hands and buttocks and made the 13-month-old stand unsupported for long periods of time to make her walk.’
    • ‘Lee also force-fed three patients and shouted and screamed at colleagues and residents of Edenfield Nursing Home between 1985 and 1986.’
    • ‘When I went on hunger strike to express my faith, they force-fed me.’
    • ‘Independent monitoring groups said he was force-fed unidentified medicines.’
    • ‘There's a whole series of videos chronicling what happens when he force-feeds his students homemade root beer, for god's sake!’
    • ‘We ask those who force-feed geese and ducks to stop carrying out this abusive practice.’
    • ‘Unwilling to release all the imprisoned suffragettes, the prison authorities force-fed these women on hunger strike.’
    • ‘‘For the most part, they put them in isolation and threaten to force-feed people,’ Kateel said.’
    • ‘Even if someone force-feeds me Valium, even if I chase it with vodka, even if I'm punched in the face before takeoff, I remain petrified.’
    • ‘By comparison, the current hunger strike - in which 12 of the 13 were being force-fed as of Friday - seems almost symbolic.’
    • ‘The country's hospitals are full of women who were force-fed as children.’
    • ‘Reports indicate he has been beaten and force-fed in custody.’
    1. 1.1Impose or force (information or ideology) on someone.
      with two objects ‘those teaching our kids should not be force-feeding them political ideas’
      • ‘By saturating the airwaves, candidates and news directors could force-feed information to all but the few Americans who eschewed TV altogether.’
      • ‘I wanted them to have the opportunity to choose their own beliefs instead of being force-fed the most popular one.’
      • ‘And it's all because of 10 years of force-feeding the public instead of giving them what they want.’
      • ‘The saddest sight one encounters in a tour of the NMA is a schoolchild sitting at one of these terminals being force-fed a diet of propaganda.’
      • ‘The idea that children in Scottish schools are being force-fed gay propaganda is preposterous.’
      • ‘It is time for a diet of sanity in New Zealand politics, and we will force-feed it to the doctrinaire weirdos over there on the Government benches as soon as they fly the white flag.’
      • ‘We don't need to be force-fed the opinions of the writers of these publications.’
      • ‘The public have no clue, as the people who create these problems are not on the hierarchic list of news, which we are, force-fed.’
      • ‘Such tactics may seem innocuous (even funny) as isolated incidents; the problems are only apparent when ads are multiplied by thousands and constantly force-fed to the public.’
      • ‘But relatively speaking, it's the opposite of propaganda - nobody is being force-fed.’
      • ‘It doesn't bother me - I feel better not force-feeding people something to promote my new CD.’
      • ‘This book is a thousand times worse, force-feeding us a tale not only of the author's goodness, but the goodness of his long line of ancestors.’
      • ‘The US government were co-conspirators with the media, who wanted to force-feed us a Joan of Arc.’
      • ‘It's probably because we were force-fed all those fairy tales from infancy, where everyone lives happily ever after at the end, but I don't see why the world can't work that way simply because it doesn't at the moment.’
      • ‘The instruction I received as a child force-fed me the notion that the Pope is infallible, yet perhaps John Paul II's legacy will show us the humanity, the fallibility of the human condition.’
      • ‘We're just parroting and lampooning pop culture and current events because there's so much stuff that we were force-fed when we grew up.’
      • ‘The January detox craze simply looks like a more intense outburst of the healthy eating/living obsession that we are force-fed all year round.’
      • ‘Instead of watching a comedy with sinister undertones, we're force-fed a melodrama with no tones at all.’
      • ‘The film's final half-hour is a curiosity, and not a successful one - a prolonged, needless epilogue which force-feeds us a catharsis that feels as false as it is extraneous to an otherwise fine story.’