Meaning of force down in English:

force down

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phrasal verb

  • force something down, force down somethingManage to swallow food or drink when one does not want to.

    ‘Just remember to rehydrate, force some bland food down and drink some more alcohol as quickly as possible.’
    • ‘I was quite literally forcing the food down because I needed to replenish my body.’
    • ‘This got a really strong anise flavor that lingered on in my mouth for a while after I forced it down to swallow.’
    • ‘Making a face, she picked the plate back up, going to work on the spiced sausages, forcing it down with the hot drink he had concocted.’
    • ‘She feels nauseous when she is served dinner in her room, but she forces the food down so as not to get into trouble.’
    • ‘Nicholas, too, had trouble eating, but he forced the food down his throat as his mind was fogged with clouds of worry.’
    • ‘Blinking away her tears, she dragged herself over to the food and forced the food down.’
    • ‘‘Thanks,’ she whispered, and managed to force the fry down.’
    • ‘If I try to eat, I can't seem to force the food down.’
    • ‘I had to force the food down - I already ate at the hospital - but I had to put on a show for the rest of my family to make sure that they wouldn't worry about me.’
    • ‘She was obviously too stressed and worried to eat, but tried to force some food down anyway.’
    • ‘He fled to his cistern to bring back water, but though the fledgling grasped the cup and strove to drink, he could not force it down.’