Meaning of force feedback in English:

force feedback



mass nounComputing
  • The simulating of physical attributes such as weight in computer gaming and virtual reality, allowing the user to interact directly with virtual objects using touch.

    ‘A commercially available simulator for venepuncture has force feedback to simulate the feel of the cannula entering the skin and vein.’
    • ‘The default mouse/keyboard combination works extremely well but there's also support for gamepads and joysticks including those with force feedback.’
    • ‘The force feedback works in a variety of applications such as your operating system of course, and any production applications you use in your OS.’
    • ‘If you're in the market for a new joystick and don't demand either force feedback or extra buttons, this model is certainly one that would seem to merit strong consideration.’
    • ‘Additionally, the game's combination of force feedback and snappy sound effects will have you looking forward to knockout punches.’