Meaning of force field in English:

force field



  • (chiefly in science fiction) an invisible barrier of force.

    ‘future land combat vehicles will deflect enemy shells with an electromagnetic force field’
    • ‘Any other position generates an invisible force field, which makes it completely impossible for the hungry victim to pick them up.’
    • ‘If John had his way he'd create an invisible force field, making his spot impossible for anyone else to enter.’
    • ‘They come this close and no closer to the diver and turn at a certain distance as if encountering an invisible force field.’
    • ‘He tried to jump into the water but was blocked by an invisible force field.’
    • ‘It was like had he walked into an invisible force field and been hurled backwards to land flat on his back.’
    • ‘Ben rushed him with the knife, but was bounced backwards by an invisible force field.’
    • ‘I think that there is an electric force field around me, if anyone else can explain this let me know’
    • ‘The Shield contains a scientifically formulated crystal pattern that appears to create a force field around the person.’
    • ‘The third aspect to monitor is the Perimeter itself, a vast force field that can be flicked on to deflect and destroy hostile attacks by rival powers.’
    • ‘Part of me relishes the fact that at the gym I might be surrounded by a force field of pungent odor.’
    • ‘The film is about a city enclosed in a force field, being observed by aliens.’
    • ‘The resulting force field resembles the fields of the magnetized planets, such as Earth and Jupiter.’
    • ‘The wires generate a special force field that keeps you in your seat.’
    • ‘With luck, he tossed a force field around him self to prevent the sphere from leaving the designated parameter.’
    • ‘A force field divided the room into two halves, one for guards to monitor the room and the other to hold the detainees.’
    • ‘The force field had been let down, but that was not the case when officers first entered post-incident.’
    • ‘She took down the force field as they grew closer to the door of the castle - the air was cold and still and made Jade shiver.’
    • ‘They also tried to kill innocents, but every time they sent a fireball their way, a blue force field deflected it.’
    • ‘This is a very simplified introduction to force fields.’
    • ‘Current knowledge of physics does not appear to preclude the existence of qualitatively different force fields which, if they exist, could have dramatically different properties from the gravitational, electric, and magnetic fields we observe in the macro world.’