Meaning of force of habit in English:

force of habit

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  • The tendency for something done very frequently to become automatic.

    ‘he checks his appearance out of force of habit’
    • ‘I did keep looking at my watch, though—force of habit.’
    • ‘"I believe the biggest obstacles to an environmental tax shift are ignorance and force of habit," he says.’
    • ‘By force of habit I walked up the parade route, counter to the direction of the participants, until I reached the point where the bands convened to begin their march.’
    • ‘I keep hitting the button by force of habit.’
    • ‘She will still be living in the area and says that she will still pop into the office from time to time for a coffee, and will, from force of habit, probably keep an eye on what's going on.’
    • ‘All the play was gone from her actions and she just did them now from force of habit.’
    • ‘She's worked so many hours she can't see the road in front of her but keeps it all going out of force of habit and knowledge of her section of road.’
    • ‘Youngsters will take up new technology, but old dogs like me will continue to take their daily paper out of sheer force of habit.’
    • ‘I found myself, through force of habit, walking home after school to the Ginney Block, forgetting that I no longer lived there.’