Meaning of force on in English:

force on

phrasal verb

(also force upon)
  • force oneself on someoneRape or sexually assault a person.

    ‘The setup gave it away - they actually meant the hubby to be that tragic figure of heroic love lost, not some smelly dude forcing himself upon somebody's daughter.’
    • ‘The allegation is that she took the boy into the classroom cupboard and kissed him, though she insists he forced himself upon her.’
    • ‘The woman has alleged he forced himself upon her when she was staying overnight at his house.’
    • ‘He was always polite, never said or did anything that would prompt anyone to think that he would do anything like forcing himself upon a woman.’
    • ‘The appellant denied that he forced himself upon the complainant.’
    • ‘What if the soldiers force themselves upon you?’
    • ‘Besides the way you can punch I don't think any man would want to force themselves upon you.’
    • ‘They may do so today, and if the husband forces himself on his spouse, he is guilty of marital rape.’