Meaning of force out in English:

force out

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phrasal verb

  • force someone out, force out someoneCompel someone to leave a job or position, especially by indirect means.

    ‘Fields was forced out as director’
    • ‘Henderson took over back in March had the government forced out Rick Wagoner.’
    • ‘We will not be leaving or be forced out.’
    • ‘The first woman to head a major technology company has been forced out.’
    • ‘People who disagreed (Shinseki) were, naturally, ignored or forced out.’
    • ‘Mandelson's friends remain convinced he was badly wronged by a hasty decision to force him out.’
    • ‘Choirmaster Stephen Hartley resigned, claiming he was forced out.’
    • ‘Marsh & McLennan's CEO Jeffrey Greenburg, forced out earlier this week.’
    • ‘Bonner insists he was not forced out or asked to resign.’
    • ‘Phelan claims he was forced out in September 1988.’
    • ‘Romney also forced out Amorello, whom he accused of mismanagement.’
    evict, expel, eject, oust, remove, dislodge, turn out, put out, throw out, throw out on the streets, throw out on one's ear, drum out, drive out
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