Meaning of Fordist in English:


noun & adjective

See Fordism

‘The movement to multi-site manufacture in this perspective represents an extension of management control over several sites, the exportation of Fordist manufacturing capacity.’
  • ‘The ‘rigidity’ of the Fordist production line gave way to a new ‘flexibility’, a word that will send chills of recognition down the spine of every worker today.’
  • ‘The Fordist employment relationship, which was the central institutional form in the post-war pattern of growth was sacrificed on the altar of rigour and monetary stability and was replaced by a competitive system of wage regulation.’
  • ‘As best as I can tell they're more like Fordists and resemble the Social Democrat parties in Europe.’
  • ‘The mechanical world view of old fashioned cybernetic thinkers - Fordists who think in terms of mobilized masses, mobs goose stepping to the tune piped by some power, following a leader - is slowly fading as the mass production phase of human civilization passes.’