Meaning of foredawn in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfɔːdɔːn/


  • The time before dawn.

    ‘A shudder of the earth that lasted barely 20 seconds in the foredawn of Jan. 17 had dealt upheaval far beyond the human dimension of nearly 5,090 dead and 300,000 made homeless.’
    • ‘‘I think he's more perturbed that he can't go with us,’ Rhapsody said, looking through the gray light of foredawn with sympathy at the terrified soldiers and their leader who were doing their best to stand at attention, withering under the Sergeant-Major's violent dressing-down.’
    • ‘As soon as foredawn hits, I make sure I am prepared with a full pack of spell components, some mana stones to restore the magical trinkets I've been given by generous and wealthy travelers, and some extra mana draughts, just in case I find myself in a scary situation.’