Meaning of foregone in English:


Pronunciation /fɔːˈɡɒn/

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archaic often postpositive
  • Past.

    ‘poets dream of lives foregone in worlds fantastical’
    • ‘Therefore, bemoaning the past or longing for a return of foregone days in some way denies the person one already is.’
    • ‘We stood apart in ideas but together in mourning of a foregone moment, of black communities with a long gone connectedness although just as much disagreement.’
    • ‘Must we just tag along to the daily chores of a stringent society, which has turned itself so vulnerable to the traditional boundaries of a foregone age?’
    • ‘‘These are accounts of people's lives,’ she said, vital for shedding light on foregone times.’
    • ‘The force of character is cumulative. All the foregone days of virtue work their health into this.’
    past, former, earlier, previous, prior, bygone, old, of old, ancient, long-ago
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    a foregone conclusion
    • A result that can be predicted with certainty.

      ‘the result of her trial was a foregone conclusion’
      • ‘Sport is never that engaging when the result is a foregone conclusion.’
      • ‘Although the votes are still being counted the results are a foregone conclusion.’
      • ‘They knew pretty early on the result was a foregone conclusion, Labour were too far ahead to be caught.’
      • ‘To stay up any later would have been pointless, the results almost a foregone conclusion.’
      • ‘It is an election devoid of drama and excitement as the result seems a foregone conclusion.’
      • ‘The result gave the lie to cynics who suggested the result was a foregone conclusion.’
      • ‘Indeed, it appears that the dispatch was a foregone conclusion rather than the result of a detailed survey.’
      • ‘There was still 23 minutes left but the result was a foregone conclusion.’
      • ‘Certain moral decisions and attitudes are foregone conclusions.’
      • ‘The results in many states are already foregone conclusions.’