Meaning of foreign-owned in English:



  • (of a business) belonging to a company based or registered in a foreign country.

    ‘a rival American company had complained about a foreign-owned firm getting the work’
    • ‘In the 1990s, there was a rapid expansion of foreign-owned garment-making factories.’
    • ‘Much of the capital comes through the foreign-owned companies.’
    • ‘There had been a sharp decline in fisheries, partly attributed to poaching by foreign-owned fishing vessels.’
    • ‘The figures indicate a massive growth in revenues of foreign-owned businesses.’
    • ‘More than 200 foreign-owned manufacturers are now operating in the country.’
    • ‘He wants heavier regulation of Argentina's largely foreign-owned utilities.’
    • ‘Areas of resource exploitation operated by foreign-owned concessions were the primary population centers in the interior.’
    • ‘The results for foreign-owned lenders would appear to be inconsistent with the relationship lending hypothesis.’
    • ‘The foreign-owned sector had an export turnover of $4.59 billion in 1999, growth of 42.4 per cent.’
    • ‘Foreign-owned car plants in the US, which employ few unionized workers, have no such headaches.’