Meaning of foreign minister in English:

foreign minister


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  • A government minister in charge of their country's relations with other countries.

    ‘the American foreign minister’
    • ‘There have been many mutual visits, by presidents, prime ministers and foreign ministers.’
    • ‘The Shura Council session included a number of former prime ministers, parliamentary speakers and foreign ministers.’
    • ‘By custom and practice national delegations in the room are restricted to the president or prime minister and the foreign ministers.’
    • ‘It is time the prime minister and his foreign minister did some straight-talking with the public.’
    • ‘Other members were represented by vice presidents, foreign ministers or other senior representatives.’
    • ‘Japan hopes to hold talks with North Korea to normalize relations, the foreign minister was quoted as saying.’
    • ‘This was the first session of the Council at foreign minister level that was also attended by the foreign ministers of the seven invitee countries.’
    • ‘Most sent deputy presidents or foreign ministers in their place.’
    • ‘Some 20 presidents of states and prime ministers and about the same number of foreign ministers attended the ceremony.’
    • ‘Ireland's visa ban is part of an EU-wide move following a council meeting of foreign ministers on April 14 last.’
    • ‘All the major players had there foreign ministers in the Security Council this morning, to spell it out.’
    • ‘I have to take a day off to go the European council meeting for foreign ministers.’
    • ‘She flies to Seoul on Wednesday to brief the South Korean and Japanese foreign ministers on her visit.’
    • ‘Meetings with presidents and foreign ministers in Egypt and Syria proved far from encouraging.’
    • ‘The foreign minister is to visit Russia at the end of this month to offer briefing on the summit results to Russian leaders.’
    • ‘The EU will have its own foreign minister and common defence policy, and its law will have primacy over that of member states.’
    • ‘At least, the president has allowed his foreign minister to do so.’
    • ‘Where else could you end up sitting next to a foreign minister or a corporate chairman worth billions?’
    • ‘On Friday they will be considered by the justice and home affairs ministers before being studied by EU foreign ministers on Monday.’
    • ‘EU foreign ministers are expected to review relations with Ukraine at a meeting in Brussels next week.’