Meaning of foreign ministry in English:

foreign ministry

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nounplural noun foreign ministries

  • (in many countries) a government department headed by a minister in charge of relations with other countries.

    ‘the Finnish Foreign Ministry’
    • ‘He is director general for US affairs at the foreign ministry.’
    • ‘The scholarship program is funded with contributions from the foreign ministry to the international alumni group.’
    • ‘According to the foreign ministry, about 156,000 Chinese entered Japan in 1999.’
    • ‘He said the foreign ministry would work to form a consensus toward the solution following the elections.’
    • ‘Another agreement covers the construction of a building there for their foreign ministry.’
    • ‘This visit was in line with the agreement signed between the respective foreign ministries in Windhoek, January 2000.’
    • ‘She arrived almost penniless and was lucky to get a secretarial job with the German Foreign Ministry.’
    • ‘The foreign ministry in Paris said that a diplomatic envoy was heading to Baghdad.’
    • ‘The French Foreign Ministry called these comments "unacceptable."’
    • ‘The foreign ministry clarified he was speaking of "possibilities"—not promises.’