Meaning of forepassed in English:


Pronunciation /fɔːˈpɑːst/


  • Already past; bygone.

    ‘His "foul forepassed progeny" consisted of his plays, his novels, and his amorous poems.’
    • ‘I have seene divers, by their death, either in good or evill, give reputation, to all their forepassed life.’
    • ‘It is the master-day, the day that judgeth all others: it is the day, saith an ancient Writer, that must judge of all my forepassed years.’
    • ‘This unhappy time is chanced unto me, for the punishment of my forepassed offences.’
    • ‘I sometimes call to mind a forepassed desire, without any desire.’
    past, former, earlier, one-time, long-ago, gone by, previous, forgotten, lost, finished, completed, of old, ancient, antiquated, obsolete, departed, dead, extinct, defunct, out of date, outmoded, passé