Meaning of foresheet in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfɔːʃiːt/


  • 1A rope by which the lee corner of a foresail is kept in place.

    ‘In fact, there were at most a few inches of slack in the offending foresheet, but the word panache might have been coined specifically for Captain Pitchallow, and Holderman knew better than to argue with him.’
    • ‘The pennant is eased and hardened just like a foresheet to tension or harden the luff of the gennaker.’
    • ‘As she comes to on the other side, ease the helm, trim down the foresheet, brace up and haul out.’
    • ‘In the confusion Morel gives instructions to haul on the starboard foresheet, but because of this faulty manoeuvre the ship once more pays off towards the south and runs aground again.’
    • ‘Their sails tense in the wind, foresheets and sternsheets straining.’
  • 2foresheetsThe inner part of the bows of a boat.

    ‘If personnel are already in the foresheets they should carry out this duty as No 1 oarsmen continue to function at oars.’
    • ‘In a jiffy I had slipped over the side, and curled up in the foresheets of the nearest boat, and almost at the same moment she shoved off.’